How to use reverse image searches to locate an ID for an insignia

I am always happy to help ID patches but sometimes it would be nice for people to take a few minutes and try for themselves. You may learn something when you go hunting for the ID too! Especially when there are words on the patch.

Please watch my tutorial:

To practice, here is an image of an unknown squadron patch that was listed on eBay. Right click and use its URL for the searches. Sometimes you may have to take the photo into an image editing software to orient the patch a bit. 90 degrees, 5-10 degrees, or 90 degrees. Once there was a design that I searched 8 different rotations!!

Look at the patch for some clues.

1. A pilgrim style blunderbuss musket...meaning their weaponry is a joke. Not their primary mission. This is NOT a fighter squadron insignia.

2. Clearly some sort of camera underneath

3. Globe. Looking at polar regions.

4. Riding a bird

5. Red and white helmets? Navy. Air Force?

6. Mae west vests? Parachutes? Navy?

7. The size of a patch can help you figure out if it is Air Force or Navy

When doing a google image search, try adding these to the word search

"navy" AND "Squadron patch"

With the camera for terms that would go with a squadron unit. Topographic. Aerial. Photographic. Patrol. Etc...

Do more keyword searches with the image. If you have not done at least a dozen keyword searches you simply are not trying.